What’s Your MOOD?

October 30, 2019

As a full-time influencer, I’m always on the go. Active self-care is a way I keep sane amidst my hectic schedule. Taking time for myself is important when faced with everyday challenges and a crazy schedule. One of my new favorite ways to pause, reset and take a moment for myself is with, MOOD.

American Eagle just dropped MOOD, a colourful assortment of personal-care items— specifically, lotion, body cream, lip balm, lip salve, aromatherapy oil, hand cream, sugar scrub, face wash, face oil, bath soak, and pillow mist. There are forty five different products, and every one falls within a distinct fragrance category: Chill is heated vanilla; Energized is mandarin nectar; Focused encompasses a citrus twist; Refreshed options cool coconut; Soothed is formed with eucalyptus, and Zzz options soft lavender. In addition to serving their obvious functions, whether that is moisturizing or cleansing, each one depends on aromatherapy and also the inclusion of 100% hemp-derived CBD oil to assist your (as the line’s name suggests) MOOD.

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